Frédéric Avertin
Engineer in Electronics

Diplôme du conservatoire National des Arts et métiers

Personal Profile

Date Of Birth

December 25th 1967

Marital Status Divorced, 3 childs
Hobbies and Interests
Tennis, Squash, Music (Passed with distinction Grade 5 Theory of Music of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Piano playing, Internet.
Curious and inquisitive about how things work.

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Frédéric Avertin

Snail Mail 25 Rue Louis Breguet
37100 TOURS
Tel 02 46 10 50 31
Mobile 06 62 01 96 14
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C.N.A.M. of  TOURS

November 1996 
Electronics Engineer Diploma (with honours). 
Diplôme du Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers.


C.N.A.M. of  TOURS

1991-1995 (evening classes) 
D.E.S.T Measurement and Industrial Controls 
Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures Techniques.


I.U.T. of  TOURS 

D.U.T. Electrical Engineering and Applied Computer Studies 
Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie.

Employment History


Shift position (4x4) onshore

From 11/2012 up to today.
UPS and VSD (Variable Speed Drive) Specialist.

As an electrical method engineer onshore-based, I am involved in the maintenance level 1 to 5 of the following equipments installed on FPSO GIRASSOL, DALIA and PAZFLOR:

all backup power supplies : chargers, and UPS of all brands,
- all Batteries,
- all kind of rectifiers (alternator excitation regulators, chlorination units, Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, …),
- all kind of Variable Speed Drives,
- motors starters and SCR power controllers.






Within that framework, I am responsible for:

- site technical support,
- on site studies for equipment improvement, modification and revamping,
- provision of service and site workforce requirement,
- detailed technical studies and specifications,
- direct invitation to tender or in collaboration with purchasing department,
- technical offers comparison and selection,
- site works setup with all departments,
- preparation of ROC and RLO,
- site works follow-up, plans update,
- preparation of accounting documents for ordering and billing,
- site intervention and technical reports,
- stock and spare parts requirements (SAP),
- troubleshooting procedures for complex equipments.











Material management:

- installations availability improvement,
- equipment documentation and maintenance data,
- site intervention traceability,
- SAP data creation and update,
- preventive maintenance periodicity,
- reliability studies and implementation.






As a technical and hierarchical manager of my entity:

- planning, works coordination with other departments,
- provisional budgets for future maintenance operations,
- cooperation with shutdown teams regarding future maintenance tasks and manpower needs,
- maintenance contracts specifications and folow-up,
- installations security optimization through personnel and environment risks minimization,
- respect for standards,
- technical support within the electrical department,
- cost control in order to match allocated budgets,
- procedure regarding critical tasks,
- equipment improvement,
- specifications regarding new equipments,


Shift position (6x3) onshore

01/2012 to 09/2012.
Methods Electricity Engineer.

Ensure follow up of all electrical maintenance activities (levels 1 to 3) on block 3 (PALANCA, PACASSA, COBO),
Ensure that scheduling and execution of maintenance operations are carried out as planned and maintenance tasks undertaken are adequate to prevent unplanned equipment failure,
Ensure that proper procedures are followed, and that all modifications are properly documented,

Participate to maintenance optimization studies,


Provide technical support to the site,

Analyze cause of breakdown, relevant reports and recommendations for improvement and future preventive actions,
Troubleshoot complex or recurring electrical problems which require technical analysis and resolution with the help of other departments, vendors or original equipment manufacturer and recommend cost effective solutions,
Propose and justifies recommendations for the improvement of equipment availability, efficiency or maintainability,
Maintain a daily contact with Electrical team leader’s site for maintenance follow-ups and problem resolution,

Liaise with vendors, HQ specialists and original equipment manufacturers for all queries regarding maintenance, modifications, spare parts, drawings and resolution of technical problems,

Follow up on statutory electrical inspection of asset, integrity assurance and certifications,
Use CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System),
Ensure standardization of materials and spare parts for electrical equipment and related systems,
Define stock management levels regarding spares parts (mini / Maxi – re-supply thresholds) by monitoring and updating materials MRP data, reviewing stock quantities, usage and consumption in order to minimize the stock value,

Assist the Head of Maintenance and the Electrical Maintenance team in the preparation of budgets, contracts, shutdowns, modifications, warranty claims, vendor mobilization and all other support functions necessary for the efficient operation,



Shift position (4x4) offshore

11/2009 to 09/2011.
Electrician Specialist.

Under the responsibility of onshore electrical methods:

Ensure availability and integrity of the electrical equipments on the platforms of PALANCA, PACASSA and COBO.
Site team technical support in electrical power generation, distribution systems and networks, electrical machines and devices.
Technical aid for other specialists, service teams and production leaders in the failure causes search and diagnosis of breakdowns.

Failure analysis in power generation, LV and HV distribution, electrical machines and electrical safety systems.

Technical aid for Methods / Planning in creation and modification of maintenance procedures or instructions.
In charge of preventive and corrective maintenance operations and/or modifications, specifications for repairs/modification of equipment, technical documentation update.
Onshore methods engineers reporting of equipments status (experience feedback, abnormal events, behavior, ageing, lifetime expectation ...).
In charge of technical maintenance operations performed by Maintenance Contractors.
Onshore methods assistance in preparation of modification and revamping files.
Involved in operability / safety audits.


07/2008 to 10/2009.
Project Manager – Support Technique.

Design and tests of industrial power electronic converters (battery chargers, UPS, DC/DC converters),
Technical support in France.
In charge of the design and installation of the new 48Vdc chargers, inverters, and DC/DC converters on block 3 offshore ANGOLA.

ALSTOM Transport

01/2006 to 06/2008.
R&D Electronics Engineer.

Mission :
1st mission (from 01/2006 to 11/2007) :
Development of an IGBT-based static switch and circuit breaker for 6600Vac medium grid voltage.

2nd mission (11/2007 to 06/2008) :
Railenergy European project :

global wiew of the different sub-programs and work packages,
provide synthesis on essential informations for the ALSTOM TRANSPORT teams,
coordinate actions within the teams,

involvement in simulation models specifications and applications,

technology watch.

General Electric HealthCare

05/2005 to 12/2005.
Semiconductor Devices Reliability Expert.

Mission : Semiconductor devices qualification and validation for high voltage generators for X-rays tubes.


11/2004 to 04/2005.
Semiconductor Devices Reliability and Technology Expert.

Mission : As an external contractor within the framework of a hybrid car pre design project, I played the role of technical expert in the selection of power semiconductor devices.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

01/2003 to 06/2004.
Maintenance Manager.

Mission : Management of the electronic team in order to ensure optimal operation of all the electronic equipments (stage machinery, planetarium, Audio/Video equipments, fire detection installations, telephone installations, computers...). Project manager for updating the center with new multimedia technologies.

DYNEX Semiconductor Ltd 

08/1998 to 08/2002.
Senior Engineer R&D.

High Power IGBT modules development. I acted as an interface between silicon designers and application engineers and provided a technical support with regard to electrical tests performed in production and ratings. I was also involved in providing new products technical support for customers as well as for DYNEX business unit.

MITEL Semiconductor
08/1996 to 07/1998. 
Maintenance and Calibration Technician

In the MITEL Semiconductor company (formerly MARCONI Electronic Devices, subsidiary of the GEC PLESSEY Semiconductors  group), I dealt with maintenance and calibration on fast power semiconductor testing devices.


10/1995 to 08/1996. 
Trainee for the preparation of a
C.N.A.M. thesis.

Assignment : Design and construction of a close looped surge generator for crowbar devices. This equipment was PC-controlled via Windows 3.11.


09/1993 to 09/1995. 
Maintenance and Calibration Technician

In the MARCONI company, subsidiary of the GEC PLESSEY Semiconductors group, I dealt with maintenance and calibration on fast power semiconductor testing devices.

SAFT Power Systems  

10/1991 to 09/1993. 
Electronics Technician.

I was in charge of tests in plant, installation and troubleshooting for high power UPS systems all over the world.


ATEX AT/B001 training certificate

Angola, 07/2015.

Behavioural Average Modelling and SPICE Simulation of PWM and Resonant Converters

From 04/06 to 05/06/2000.
PCIM 2000 Seminar at Nuremberg.
Click here for an overview of the contents (PDF Document).

Presentation of a technical report  

C.N.A.M. oral examination stated on 09/1995 at the C.N.A.M. of TOURS.

Subject : Limits and performances for high power thyristors in switching mode operation. This subject has been dealt with a semiconductor physics point of view. The dissertation in French can be downloaded here.


Microsoft ACCESS master level

05/95. 36 hours.


Quality, Safety, nuclear plant service supplier

E.D.F. Paris
From 28/06 to 02/07/1993.
35 hours.


Electromagnetic compatibility

32 hours.

Microprocessors, microcontrollers G.R.E.T.A. TOURAINE
60 hours.
Industrial training period


Assignment : program development in advanced language (Pascal) for active protections for medium voltage transformers.

Computer Skills

Operating Systems Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Windows 3.x (all versions), MS-Dos (all versions), A smattering of UNIX.
Languages Pascal, C, C++, Visual Basic, Assembler x86 and 68HC11, HTML.
Packages Microsoft Exchange, Mail, Office,  ACCESS, Microsoft Publisher. PSPICE, ATLAS.


International Conference Power Conversion /
Intelligent Motion / Power Quality
Nuremberg, June 6th 2000
Ratings of High Power IGBT Modules for PWM Inverters for Traction Applications.
Frédéric Avertin, Dinesh Chamund, Bill Findlay.
This paper I presented during the conference, has been voted best publication and presentation of the PCIM EUROPE 2000 conference by the chairman committee.

Linguistic Ability

French : Fluent
English : Fluent
Spanish : Basic


Written references are available upon request.


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