If it were necessary to indicate the most beautiful and most impressive of the large wild beast of Eastern Asia, many people would choose the Tiger. It is not necessary , to understand this choice, to admire this hunter in action: only its expression at rest is enough.



The Tiger is often camouflaged in tall grasses. There, the hues of its peeling perfectly merge with those of the environment, and the hunter with the mounting can approaches the prey coveted without being seen.

The Indian white Tigers are rather common in the principality of Rewah. These splendid cat-likes are not albino, but have a white cream livery more or less striped of grey or black.

Indian Tiger

Asian Lion

The Asian Lion wears tufts of hairs on the belly and on the joints of the lower limbs, which makes it possible to distinguish it from its African cousin. Moreover the tuft of its tail is thicker and its mane less abundant.

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