When a few million years ago, the Jaguar penetrated in South America, it could, thanks to its adaptability and to the absence of competition, exploit very many environments. Today, it only lives in reduced zones. It is about of the same size as the leopard but its general pace is heavier and its head much bulkier. Moreover, the ocellus which decorate its splendid fur are larger and always dotted lines with black in the middle.

A Mexican proverb says: " Each hill has its Jaguar ". The territory of the felidae would have a radius from 2 to 5km maximum. The males defend their area jealously, and this not only at mating time, but during all year long; however, they allow the females to encroach on their property. Certain couples remain faithful, but, generally, the male gives up its partner before they give birth.



A medium sized, spotted cat from the Americans tropics, the Ocelot (Felis pardalis), has one of the most beautiful coats in the entire cat family, a fact that has led to its mass slaughter for the fur trade. It is now classified as an endangered species.

The Ocelot is much larger than its arboreal relative, the Margay Cat, and has a shorter tail.The prey consists largely of medium-sized rodents, hares and small deer. Smaller rodents, birds and reptiles, including iguanas, are also taken. Thanks to its very fine hearing and to its good night vision, it can go out in darkness.



When it goes out on the ground, which happens sometimes, one can see it frequently stopping and, like an otter or an ermine, to draw up itself on its back legs to listen to the noises of the night over high grasses and bushes.

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